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I have a list of over 100 musical that I need to run on screen like either rolling credits or a news ticker. The file is provided as an xls file that I have converted to a CSV file. I have then use a string with file and a string components file to produce a structure. I was just wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to get it into a rolling credits or news ticker. Cheers Steve

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Re: Scrolling text

I may be misunderstanding the problem, but to me the simplest would be:

Create an iterator patch with iterations=number of structure elements. Inside that, publish an input in order to feed the structure in. For each iteration, connect that index(current_iteration) to a sprite. Set the Y position to be textHeight*iteration)position-interpolation patch (to scroll upwards).

A ticker will be a bit more work because you'll need to know the length of each word before the current one and position it in the right place.

Alternatively you could append all the texts together and simply generate one big long sprite.

Which brings up a point I've wondered on — how does one keep a 'global' variable inside an iterator?

If the above description is not helpful, feel free to email my name at



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Re: Scrolling text

Thanks for the reply, after a bit of thought I processed the file in textwrangler to organise into one string. Once I had done that I came across the next problem. In the end the file has nearly 1000 entries and one this is run through an image with string patch it produces a huge texture and the text becomes very blurred. I have played around with a loads of option but my guess is the texture is to large for the graphics card as thus it produces this blured image.

I think I will have to cut it down in size and run 3 or 4 sprites to run the textures to. Cheers Steve

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Re: Scrolling text

The way I've done it before is to split it into a huge array of characters, then use an iterator to move maybe 100 characters at a time across the screen. There's better ways though - search through the kineme archives for scrolling, text animation etc. and you'll find a few good discussions covering it.'s picture
Re: Scrolling text

Seem to remember somebody (Apple in Developer Tools Folder*) had a good ticker example using about four sprites.

They each sourced unique items from an RSS feed and scrolled them across the screen until the patch time loop finished and they started on the right with a new RSS item. Timing was such that each Sprite object held data until its X position was at the left hand limit (off screen). On new cycle it got a new text string from RSS feed.

Try goggling RSS/QC/Ticker/.qtz.

  • Couldn't find it in Developer/Examples folder which is now hosted by Apple online somewhere, sometime.