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Javascript help for novice coders like me!

Apart from the fact that the JS patch is temperamental — requiring restarts of QC application when it will not parse good script — I attempted to clear up some of the mysteries I had around working with 2D datasets in Javascript. Standard JS array methods that work for 1D arrays often don't work for more complicated array structures.

This composition has three demo JS patches for:

splitting a set of points into two sets (odds and evens by index), sorting an array of dictionaries by a common dictionary key (a-Z) & concatenating both internally created and inputed structures into one array

All the code is well commented, I hope it can save some of the suffering for others that the JS patch has given me. So let me know if it does and I will have been rewarded for posting it.

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Re: Sorting arrays and splitting arrays in Javascript

Thanks for sharing, :-)