generating random numbers in iterator

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I have a simple iterator in which I want to generate random numbers which would be different for each iteration.

I know about patch time + random with external time input which partly solves my problem but beside that I also want to have only initial random value - 1 at beginning.

I want to have this value for line width - all lines should have different widths and should not change.

How can I store // only keep the initial value of random number generator?

How is it possible to generate new random numbers in intervals?

Lets say I want to have new random number every 5 seconds?

Many thanks for help


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Re: generating random numbers in iterator

Seems like you could do this by 1) not exposing patch time on the Random patch, then 2) use the iterator variables with some math (for ex., current position * random), then 3) sample and hold the random number with a timed pulse (for ex., Signal patch) to sample random numbers at 5 secs. You could also maybe queue random numbers outside the iterator then sort them inside the iterator with current index from Iterator Variables and a Structure Index Member patch.

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Re: generating random numbers in iterator

try FSK Simplex plugin (somewhere here on the forum)