Short term project to improve a WebKit patch

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Currently experimenting with and having some mixed success. Basically trying to allow for the rendering of Flash inside Keynote by leveraging Quartz Composer.

Turns out the CoGeWebKit plugin is a good start but the following needs some help:

  1. Improved, faster rendering of any Flash that is displayed within it.

  2. Improved reliability of playing Flash (sometimes there are crashes when the same does not occur when just playing the page with the SWF inside a normal Safari browser window).

Of course, open to other alternatives to accomplish the same thing but the goal here is to get Flash to render inside Keynote, whether using Quartz Composer or not (though we aren't aware of any of other solution at the moment).

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Re: Short term project to improve a WebKit patch

Can't talk to CoGeWebKit. It kind of depends what kind of Flash content you want to display/use in Keynote. Be aware Keynote will not pass keystokes or mouse events to any QC composition (wrapped in QT or raw QC file) so interaction not possible unless you can find some way of passing events through an OSC, Network Receiver, Franz's structure patch or Kineme Spooky (Spooky is dangerous re: memory leaks).

I never actually thought about a work around like that, sounds like a nightmare/PITA but if you could find a keystroke logging app that can pass strokes to a socket or Apples script to convert to XML or whatever maybe a route though the impasse. You could have a QC composition in foreground logging events and passing to Keynote containing a second composition in background but there would be limitations I imagine — like KN's Full Screen mode would scotch it and keynotes own interaction would be inactive while QC was active.

Demo compositions showing three methods of passing data for realtime comparison, requires Kineme's spooky plugin is Leopard friendly (not sure about SL guess it's fine).

If the content is not interactive, why not just render to a QT movie?

If you get it going you have a winner on your hands — people are always asking for that functionality in KN on the KN discussions and Keynote user groups.

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Re: Short term project to improve a WebKit patch

The WebKit plugin now renders Flash even faster, check it out!