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Uber-Lame implementation of a Lindenmayer System. AAArghh. It doesn't work inside an iterator. (but I swear I did my best to understand this whole ivar thing).

DL from www.1024d.wordpress.com

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Re: _1024_LSystem

makes a cool tree for me. can you explain some of the rules. ?

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Re: _1024_LSystem

hi dust, the rules inputs take the LSystem rules.

See http://nodebox.net/code/index.php/L-system



for examples, some of which can be easily adapted to the new _1024 plugin.

Great work on the LSystem plugin by the way , all at _1024 :-)

My handy tip, change the rules when you are not rendering, though that doesn't mean we can't find a way to change rules on the fly in due course.

As far as I can ascertain , this plugin implements the Turtle Graphic rules


“F” -move forward and draw a line

“f” -move forward without drawing a line

“+” -turn left

“-” -turn right

“\” -roll left

“/” -roll right

“^” -pitch up

“&” -pitch down

“|” – turn around

most other rule modifiers are available, like X, Y, G , etc ...

obviously this is a plugin that is still a work in progress,it takes only so many iterations and doesn't always reproduce the 2D result I'm expecting, but none the less, really interesting.

_1024_LSystem0.png53.92 KB
_1024_LSystem.png48.67 KB

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Re: _1024_LSystem

yep, it is still a work in progress (but what isn't anyway ?)

I'm planning to make a structure output, so that you can render anything you want (like I did for the Box2DStructure)

all the rules are described in the ... patch description.

FfGg|UDLR+-[] and @ to draw a point

You can change the rules on the fly, it will reset the Lsystem, and re-render it (if you use the example patch) Max iterations is fixed to 8. More might currently crack your computer.

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Re: _1024_LSystem

yet another great piece in progress.

"franz" wrote:
I'm planning to make a structure output, so that you can render anything you want (like I did for the Box2DStructure)
that's good news... and you made a structure output for your Box2D?! are you sharing?

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Re: _1024_LSystem

Interesting work in progress.

Doh - I didn't even think of looking in the usual place.

If only I had done I probably wouldn't have been trying to apply X or Y based rules, which clearly don't seem to be supported. That's what must have been beach balling the Viewer.

Turtle Graphics :-). Great fun.

F Forward
G Forward
f forward no drawing
g forward no drawing
D Pitch down
U Pitch up
R Roll left
L Roll right
[ Push matrix
] Pop matrix
@ Draw Point
| Flip 180
+ Turn left
- Turn right
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Re: _1024_LSystem

oops, sorry, I meant SVGplugin. The box2d one isn't finished yet... some parts are still quite buggy. My baaad.

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Re: _1024_LSystem

yeah, turtle graphic reminds us of our early computer days...

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Re: _1024_LSystem

& just discovered [uncovered] the cause of my experience being somewhat at variance to that which you rightly, as I subsequently discovered, one should have with the LSystem plugin, franz.

The .old plugin problem, when one replaces via the Plugin helper app provided by Kineme.

With some plugins the .old being left behind causes no problems, however, some plugins work differently, it would seem.

With no .old LSystem plugin in place, all runs as you might expect applying the rules included.

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Re: _1024_LSystem

i love the svg structure plugin...

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Re: _1024_LSystem

Woah, I just got the turtle connection. I used to spend countless hours with that. It would be so fun to have an actual turtle line draw plugin.