Safe Audio Input Not Working

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Hi everyone! just wondering if anyone can give a brief description of how to use the kineme safe audio input plug in? I've installed Audiotools, Kineme Safeudio plug v1 and v2.

when I drag v2 into the editor all I get is a macropatch with nothing in it. v1 is also a macropatch with nothing init and the audio tools audio input plug in also does not work.

what's the basic procedure to get audio in an out of the kineme plugins?


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You don't need Safe Audio Input in any case, not with Kineme Core installed and being able to enable QC in applications thereby.

It is a deprecated plugin / patch and you can safely remove it :-)

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Re: Safe Audio Input Not Working

Like cybero said, these plugins have been deprecated because they no longer work.

Also, please don't use all caps when titling posts.

KinemeCore should enable the functionality you're looking for