Performance Plugin Issues

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I have downloded the performace plugin and followed the directions on ho to install. when i open my composition in quartz, i do NOT see the added options for the patch. what am i doing wrong? I do NOT get the thank you pop-up window to enter the serial. i want to try and buy.

can someone walk me through the right process.


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Re: Performance Plugin Issues

Performance Inspector plugin is supported on 10.5.x, not on 10.6.x.

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Re: Performance Plugin Issues

is there going to an update. my composition is jumpy and i need to find out what is hanging it up.

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Re: Performance Plugin Issues

I don't believe so, it's incompatible with the sl iterator.

I feel lame suggesting this, because it's not full featured, but you can hit the magnifying glass icon on the viewer, and get some useful info:

-active, traversed, (and/or) executed patch counts. That's pretty useful actually, for making sure stuff is actually shutting off... it's not very exacting though, and hard to use effectively with big comps.

-execution time, and rendering time.

The other thing, is that performance inspector is really useful, but you still did have to make extrapolations. For instance, one may see that a consumer patch is hitting the comp hard, but it may in fact be a co-mingled with the fact that a processor or provider patch is doing tons of work, or providing the consumer with something it has a hard time dealing with. So, the provider or processor may not show up as being the issue in performance inspector, while the renderer patch it's linked to does.

The only thing you can really do at this point is go through the comp, disabling various things.

I would look for places where textures get really big, or where you load resources dynamically (models, movies, etc.). Turning on/off stuff so that uneeded resources/patches aren't running is good, but also can make stuff "jump" depending on how the patch loads media.

See if you're highlighting or any kind of patches in the QC editor, or have the parameter panel in a view where you see the values moving. That seriously causes a grind w/ QC. Like, highlighting a patch in the iterator while it's running... ouch.

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Re: Performance Plugin Issues

thanx for the help guys. here are my computer stats an CPU/MEMORY usage through iStat.

Macbook Pro, 3.06 Dual Core, 8gb Memory, Spring 2009 model.


This is what i would love to TWEAK. I need to SMOOTH MOVEMENTS X and Z. when I move throughout the field, it jumps.

here is a video of where I am at.

Any Suggestions would be FABULOUS!!!


Had to upload 720p version for a contest, give it time to download.

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Re: Performance Plugin Issues

I tink a SMOOTH PATCH will work. here are the questions.

WHERE to insert the patch. do i put it at the BASE of the X and Z movement?

How would I set it up?

I am playing around with it right now.