Lion, QC 4.5 & iTunes Visualizers & Music Visualizer Protocol

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I was just wondering if anyone else had experienced the underwhelming lack of Template effectiveness regarding amending a non Template derived composition to being a Music Visualizer composition.

I find that although one can start from a Template and build within that composition, going the route of build from a plain blank comp and then protocols from the Editor Menu fails to put the protocol port splitters into place.

It's not as though the visualizer support has actually gone from iTunes, far from it, see attached example working in Lion and should be backwards compatible too :-)

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Re: Lion, QC 4.5 & iTunes Visualizers & Music Visualizer ...

I am un able to conform to protocol standards from a blank file as well. protocol conformance produces no splitters for me. manually making a splitter doesn't work either. simply naming your input splitter "protocolInput_AudioPeak" produces a published key of "protocolInput_AudioPeak" which is missing the "" (underscore).

conforming to protocol on a blank file and copy and pasting the required splitters from a template into a a blank comp produces the underscored key needed but still will not register as a visualizer with iTunes. so there has to be more going on than just some published inputs with the correct key names. however using a template or copying into a template does produce a visualizer when the file is placed into your ~/library/compositions folder.

so that is interesting that the repository is working from your home folder and it is only plugins that need to go into your root now. saving paisly.qtz into the repo produces a visualizer reminiscent of an acid trip depending on your perspective it would either be a good or bad trip i suppose. either way it worked for me.

visualizers that i have created previously in snow from blanks do not show up either. your guess is good as mine but it seems to me edit>protocol>conformance is broken and not just for visualizers.

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Re: Lion, QC 4.5 & iTunes Visualizers & Music Visualizer ...

Producing from a template will work, you just have to copy and paste the composition you intended, rather than the default standard spectrum band visualizer. Same applies across the board with all the Templates , thus far.

Protocolising a non Template composition or even re protocolising a Template [blank for example] will , definitely, not work :-(.

Furthermore many plugins and .qtz composition items work just fine from my home folder Library/Compositions folder.

I am running 10.7.2 at present, BTW