QuartzComposer broken // correct Filepaths for Patches/Plugins

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I have broken my QC installation unfortunately. The circumstances are the following: I once made a collection of Plugins in SnowLeopard and now I moved on to another Macbook with Lion and just copied all plugins / patches ... I guess in too many folders. And after installation of the KinemeCore / GLTools everything started to get worse. Now it's crashing all the time.

Maybe I should reinstall QC (I already tried deleting the plists but that didn't help). My Template-Chooser looks a bit broken, too http://i.imgur.com/bQm6s.png

And what I discovered ... there is no alpha anymore - sprites have a black backgroundsquare ... so looks like I totally made a mess with this installation.

Can somebody explain me how to choose the path for my .plugin (how do I know where the .plugin belong: Quartz Composer Patches ... or Quartz Composer Plug-Ins -- and does it make a differents if you choose the /Library/ folder or the one in the User folder?

Some help would be really nice!

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Re: QuartzComposer broken // correct Filepaths for ...

You'll need to update the Alpha Mode plugin.

That's for starters.

There'll be others you'll need to update too, see on this site for more details.

You should be able to use the User home folder Library.

Open Terminal application, enter the following chflags nohidden ~/Library you've got your Library folder back and yes do download the new Xcode and install Quartz Composer from Xcode menu and you'll need to create the Quartz Composer Patches and Quartz Composer Plugins folders within the Graphics folder therein.

See attached picture.

Copy Standard API plugins to Quartz Composer Plugins folder and non standard API to Quartz Composer Patches folders. Reinstall plugins and Patches one at a time - good to go.

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Re: QuartzComposer broken // correct Filepaths for ...

the alpha thing i think is a gl tools issue. you will need to get the latest to fix that. as it is /home or /root libraries are fine. in general /home is better incase you have a plugin that takes your user down your system will not be affected but it really doesn't matter. /patches folder is for kineme plugins and /plugins folder is for all others, is the general rule of thumb. just make sure you have the latest gl tools and kineme core or at least the versions updated for lion. i have migrated systems that run fine in lion and i have clean fresh installs that crash 40 times a day. i think a lot has to do with different systems and different graphics cards etc.... as per your template screen that is defiantly gl tools issue and is known. just use the latest plug for that.

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Re: QuartzComposer broken // correct Filepaths for ...

Thank you! That helps a lot. I have the latest QC version - I have now deleted all plugins from /Library ...from the /User/Library folder and now everything works like a charm again. Also thanks for clearing that up with the paths and the rest - helped a lot!