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Hello, I just joined Kineme. I am requesting some advice for this project I am working on. We are a group of multimedia students shooting a 360 film which will be controlled using Quartz. We also would like to implement 360 surround sound. What we would like to ultimately accomplish is being able to move around the 360 space and be able to pan the audio using a track ball. We would be recording the audio using 4 mics (front, back, left, right) Each will be recorded in its own separate track. We would like to be able to pan or switch tracks as the user changes the visuals using the 360 space. Has anyone done this before? If so is QC the best program to do this with, or is it better to use ableton + QC. Or maybe use Midi. Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: QC + Surround Sound Help

I am developing something similar. Audio programs are the way to go. Anything built in quartz wont hold a candle to music programs that have teams of better minds than you and I. If you can, use logic as that actually has surround support and you can use plugins such as the waves 360 bundle. However I am actually using Ableton as i need to port it to PC. I suggest using quadraphonic techniques http://www.audiosignal.co.uk/Resources/Surround_sound_psychoacoustics_A4... as it can be easily replicated with some clever routing. Also there is a plugin by wave arts that uses Pychoacoustic analysis and the doppler effect to replicate moving sound around the listener. It's called Panorama. The manual for that plugin has a good explanation of the science behind it.

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Re: QC + Surround Sound Help

If you want really good panning then check out the ambisonics modules in supercollider - http://supercollider.sourceforge.net/

Its not straight forward though so if you want something quick and dirty try zirconium - http://ima.zkm.de/~cramakri/zirkonium/index.html

Both of which can be controlled via OSC messages