how reproduce 2 linked videos

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I'm trying to do an interactive installation consisting of two linked videos. The idea is that the video 1 is played in a loop until someone interacts with space (enter the room for example). when the person is detected, the video 1 is played to the end (to not jump frames noticeable), and passes to play the video2. when the output is detected, the video 2 runs to the end and playing the video1 again. I've been testing using patches mouse (to simulate detection), image (they are animated gifs), structure index member (to know which frame is playing) a conditional (which determines the frame in which occurs the change), and a logic (AND, indicating that if the mouse and conditional equals 1 the action is executed).

This way I get that when an action is detected (in this case the interaction of the mouse), the animation runs even to the frame and play the animation 2. The problem that I have is that the conditional gives the signal only 1 at a time match the frame, and then returns to video 1 without waiting to reach the final or to be re-interaction by mouse (or user).

can anyone help me for the video 2 is hold until the next mouse interaction?...

thank you!!


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Re: how reproduce 2 linked videos

Could you upload a sample comp? Im not at my mac but i will try to cobble something together tomorrow. My line of thinking is to replace the index member with an interpolation and a smooth that matches the interpolation duration, if movement is detected then set final value to mimic the full set of gifs 1 and two combined, as well as increase duration accordingly.

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Re: how reproduce 2 linked videos

Try to use a "Pulse" patch to detect the exact moment when a movie is at the end. Only when the Pulse patch fires determine the state of your "motion" in the room by connecting the Pulse output to a "Sample and Hold" patch "Sampeling" input. Connect the state of your motion (0/1) to the "Value" input of the "Sample and Hold". Now the "Sample and Hold" patch contains either "0" for the movie without motion in the room, or "1" for "motion detected movie" for the duration until "Pulse" patch fires again.

Does this make sense to you?

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Re: how reproduce 2 linked videos

hey guys,

thank you for your answers,

this is as far as I managed to reach, this time with a patch Importer movie, but neither works. I'll prove to your advice and see if I get it

thank you!

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Re: how reproduce 2 linked videos

hi achim,

thanks for your feedback.

I tried your solution and it works perfectly with video 1, but I have a problem when I want to go back from the video 2 to video 1, because the conditional to detect the end of the movie always works in front the conditional of video 2 when the action goes back ... I want the video 2 also run to the end before switch to video 1 again ... another problem I see in this solution is that if to put more videos linked, because video 1 is always run in a background layer ... I attached the composition for you to see, to see if you can think of another solution. thank you very much ...

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