moving head mesh with webcam

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hi everyone, I've created a 3D model of an head with maya and i've imported it in QC. The idea is to make the head's eyes (but also the entire head) moving and following the movements of a spectator. It has to be like the head is always watching you no matter what movement you do. Which patches do I have to use?

I'm new with quartz composer, I've downloaded the CVTools plugin and I've found patches like motion detector, but i have non idea about how to use you have some tips, tutorials, links or everything useful for my project?

help me pls :) thank you

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Re: moving head mesh with webcam

Please have a look at the attached file. There is a private "Face tracking" patch, you can copy and past from this composition. Maybe its a start for you. However, "always aiming at you" was a technique some painters were able to work out in static paintings. Because you have a 2D surface the hunter always aims at you (e.g. ) . In fact, if you move the head (or eyes) of your maya model on screen, it won't follow you, it will look beside you...

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