Hello everybody

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My name is Enric and I'm working in TV. I'm very interested in Quartz and the possibilities to create interaction and work with video signal and Datamosh, etc.

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Re: Hello everybody

Hi Enric

Welcome to the forum. I've found the members to be a very helpful creative bunch. I've learned a lot from searching previous posts and downloading others compositions and examples. What I find especially nice about Kineme is besides the forum, and being a great hub for all things Quartz, they also write so many plugins and patches that have taken QC way further than Apple's intentions imo. In addition to Kineme's contributions to the plugin count, this forum also happens to have all the other great talents in the QC plugin field as members. You all know who you are and thank you.

QC is a great environment for doing what I think you are suggesting, live interactive video effects. That's a lot of what I do for a living and QC is one of my favorite tools for it.

So my best advice is search the previous posts for others examples. It's literally an encyclopedia of information and examples for all things Quartz, and then some. What's really great is when a user gets stuck on something, they can upload their composition. Typically someone will make a tweak to it and get you rolling again.