Hello from Austin, TX

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Just stumbled across this site, thanks for harvesting such an awesome community of QC users! I'm a freelance motion designer based in Austin, TX. Primarily use After Effects and Cinema 4D. Been experimenting with some QC, Processing, VDMX and Madmapper.

I'm working on putting together an all hardware, live electronic set. Would love to build some midi based scenes as visuals that I can control in real time.

I came across this video and really like the way it visualizes the audio, a bit more cohesive than a lot of common visualizers. Wondering if anyone can tell me if this is or can be made in QC? Or if not, what software might this be made in? Looking forward to learning a lot from this site! Thanks!


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Re: Hello from Austin, TX

Welcome to the community, Ryan.

I quick poke around www.lokua.net suggests that the tool used for that clip was probably vvvv. Which you might want to explore, too, as you seem to have your fingers in a few pies.

As far as QC goes, you might find exploring Kineme's GL Tools and Kineme 3d fruitful if you are looking for a similar aesthetic. And the _1024 plugins. These give you some higher-level constructs to work with. Although Iterators and LFO's can do wonders, especially for a clean, minimalist style. And of course the audio, midi, and osc patches provide you with options for driving animation and other visual aspects from the musical content.

With QC it is easy to create reactivity; cohesiveness and expressiveness are of course not provided by any tool, but by our own aesthetic sense, technique and discipline.