Hello from Belgium + Question

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Hi everybody, I work in belgium as a theater technician for a Theatre group called Uitgezonderd. www.uitgezonderd.be . We make Theater for kids, educational and entertainment.

We are using Qlab as Cue-software, which makes use of Quartz Composer to render effects... I'm in need of someone who can help me out on this subject. I'm just starting to work with Quartz Composer.

This might not be the correct forum to do so, but I'll write down a question below, something that is urgent for a show we are making. If I'm wrong doing this please correct me on this.

I'll need a Graphic transition between Images in Cuelab, this should be a Page-Curl,same like keynote, or if possible, more natural. (which is a standard effect in Quartz Composer) I don't understand how these two softwares interact, and how to achieve this effect? I can't get it decent, even if I manipulate the parameters in QC. I believe this shouldn't be hard to achieve from someone knowing what he's doing.

If someone could help me, please contact me. I'll paypal you a dinner! Much appreciated.



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Re: Hello from Belgium + Question

Page Curl uses [Source] Image, Target Image, Backside Image and Shading Image.

Page Curl with Shadow uses only the first three images, the shading image being replaced by the CI kernel's shadow effect.

You can have a Page Curl effect without using the Backside or Shading Image inputs.

Make sure all your images are of the same size, precisely, or else resize them to be the same would be my recommendation, though others differ. To use Custom Quartz Composer composition files as video effects upon movies or images in QLab you'll need to have a Pro licence.

I don't have such a licence, but you may well find the screenshot and the example files useful.

Note the screenshot and the advice given regarding published ports.

Finally, you'll definitely get a lot of useful input regards QLab and QC filtering composition at http://wiki.figure53.com/