Hey, another Toronto Video Designer

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My name is William from Toronto, Canada.

Video production is my background and learned about Quartz Composer working in live events. My initial interest was to use it for photography applications but recently have been creating a lot of audio visualizers. Now that I can create for myself, thanks to this forum and others like it, I hope I can contribute and collaborate in the future.

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Re: Hey, another Toronto Video Designer

Hey William !

Great you're by there. All I can tell you is that this forum is a goldmine for people who want to dive into Quartz Composer. I learned a lot (a lot !) here, thanks to the nice and terrific programmer who follow this site. I'll be happy to see your work, as others works are often of a great interest for inspiration :-)

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Re: Hey, another Toronto Video Designer

Thanks for the warm welcome,

Sorry for the belated reply however it has been a while since I have visited this site. You are absolutely right the plugins, apps and wealth of knowledge contained here are amazing. Thanks to this site and a few others like it I feel as if I am at a point where I can share some QC knowledge and maybe even provide inspiration.

It is great to be here,