Luck for your friday

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from what i've been told it's both the second to last friday the 13th of the year and the international day of programmers.

so, woohoo to any thought association arisen from those. what, i don't know.

my role here today is just to thank all the people that over the years been sharing information and moving stuff on to the next phase.

and more specifically now these are quartz related heart felt feelings.

i've been messing around in the soupbowl for quite some years now, n happily still ain't a clue of nudn really.

the point being, my background being what is, i've been rather blown away about the introduction to an environment that all of sudden gave all these real time tools to my use.

and over the years, the learning has happened exactly in the same manner as for most good folk. you dl a patch, don't undestand anything, just poke about in awe. then in a lifetime or two, you get the underlying stuff. on some level at least...

so, blaablaaa. i figured i n i share a file. or how you say stuff like that. i made a zip file with a rather random collection of stuff that to an extent has been tested in a performance situation. meaning some should work in the manner they should happen to work. or not.

if you feel bored and hungry for sum filler material, give it a go. a bunch of clumsy stuff, that just maybe gives you something new to look for a moment.

dl link

thank you all good people do it all good

vj phoQ xploitec

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Re: Luck for your friday

Thanks for sharing ... Posted this onto the Facebook QC group []