Optical Illusions, Repeating motion graphics, Audio Visualizations, MIDI/TouchOSC, arduino!

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I love nerding out with this stuff. Kineme has provided some fantastic tools for quartz and the vj community. I want to extend my thanks to the development team, and the community as well. Cheers to everyone! If you want to work on a project with any of the aforementioned technologies, I'm happy to collaborate. Take a look at the sort of work I do here: http://www.showblender.com/blog-1/

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Re: Optical Illusions, Repeating motion graphics, Audio ...

thanks for the twitter bump. i like your illusion. mach banding and other perceptual phenomenon i find interesting. there is a few really nice illusions on here one done in glsl that is wicked. you can check mine out as well it requires gl tools.