Looking for a Quartz Composer expert to program a slideshow and advance particle generator

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I am looking for 2 things. One is more difficult then the other.

1) I am looking to build a Quartz slide show tool that can make a slide show like the one found in Apple OS X system preferences. Here is a link to it. http://youtu.be/QEnKmfsR7OI

This is the apple screen saver slideshow where you can choose a folder and have the photos fall down into a pile. The problem with the apple one in system preferences is that it does not update when new photos are added to the folder. You have to quit out and go back in in order for it to register the new photos. I need a Quartz program that has a directory scanner that can be updated in realtime and create the effect as the video link above.

2) This one is more difficult. I am looking to build a 2 part Quartz program. It is part "particle generator" and part information display. Here is a link to an example of what I am looking for. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GqQp5jsVtz8

I want to create this same effect. I need the ability to have Quartz create a particle system like in this video. It needs to have the ability to customize the surface of the particle cards (they can be designed images that we create or other data that can be mapped onto the surface of the particles). And the second part, the card that pushes through the particles and comes to the forefront of the screen, I would like to have information on. What we are looking to do is be able to enter in a twitter hashtag, and have whatever is correlating to that hashtag placed onto the surface of the particle and animated to the front of the screen. So for example, if there is a photo, or a tweet that has the tag #awesomedrink We would like that text and or picture on the graphic that comes to the front for a few seconds and then fades away. I do not need it to be an exact replica of the video in the link, but it has to be the same concept.

Please contact me to discuss these projects and the cost to produce. I am based in NY and available for a Skype call to discuss further. My email is Eric@mintdisplay.com Thanks!

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Re: Looking for a Quartz Composer expert to program a ...


.. with the Instagram Receiver you can use Instagram-Images in Quartz Composer, easy task. Try it.

regards s

{u} aww, you want Twitter-Feeds! Then try this: http://qbus.fg.hs-wismar.de/?p=66