BBOSC & MnstriOSCTools incompatible? -- do not work in parallel!

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BBOSC.plugin (1.0.1-FIXED) and

MnstriOSCTools.plugin (1.0)

cannot run together!

When i try this, QC crashes with the error message:

(null) EXCEPTION IGNORED: +[QCPlugInPatch executionModeWithIdentifier:]: Inconsistent state

May this be caused by the same underlying Framework VVosc?

Fortunately, both plugins are open source. Unfortunately, i do not know how to fix this issue.

Could somebody be so kind to help me out, or hint me to way, how one would need to recompile from source, so that this problem can be avoided?

Background: I duly need the fabulous BBOSC receiver (because it handles utf8) AND (since BBOSC sender works only in one singular instance) i do depend on the Mansteri OSC Sender as well.

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Re: BBOSC & MnstriOSCTools incompatible? -- do not work in ...

You are correct they use the same underlying framework vvosc

I'm glade your enjoying the BBOSC plugin it took some real work by my old work buddy jdelstrother, there are indeed some underlining issues with the receiver and sender. Pizthewiz is doing some great work updating the osc plugin check it out here OSX 10.7 only at the moment

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Re: BBOSC & MnstriOSCTools incompatible? -- do not work in ...

UFF, after hours and hours - - - - - i got the wild bunch compiled.

I had to change the source of 'CocoaAsyncSocket.m' of the underlying framework and make the NSData mutable:


theCurrentReceive->buffer = [[NSData alloc] initWithBytesNoCopy:buf


theCurrentReceive->buffer = [[NSMutableData alloc] initWithBytesNoCopy:buf //mc

But WAH that was worth it!

Thank you so much for pointing me to WildBunch!!!

I continue on the other forum thread and your answers there, as it was obviouly triggered by this one.