Problems playing/using Quartz Movie with custom plugin

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I have an application where I need to make a Quartz movie using Quartz Composer and a custom plugin and have it run in a 3rd party application which is capable of playing Quartz movies.

As a first step I successfully developed my custom plug in using Xcode and 'built' a composition in Quartz Composer. I got this all running in Quartz Composer and this works totally fine in the viewer inside Quartz Composer.

Subsequently I tried to play it in the 3rd party application and it would not play, other parts of the movie played but my plugin simply did not function. I then tried QuickTime player and on one machine it behaved exactly the same - movie played but my plugin didn't function. On another machine I get the error "Quicktime player quit unexpectedly while using the "My Plugin Name" plug-in.

After this I was a little baffled and I read the forums and I came across the notion of Safe and Unsafe patches. I am wondering if this is why my patch doesn't work in applications other than Quartz composer.

If I enable the "Indicate Unsafe Patches" menu item then it shows an unlocked padlock icon on plug in presumably indicating it is in fact Unsafe.

On reading the forums further I came across mention of the Kineme Core plug in for QC, and that it had a UI for telling the system which patches were safe for which applications. I installed this and selected the KinemeCore Preferences, Unsafe mode, I successfully added the QuickTime player application to the application list but it fails to show my 'Custom patch' in the list of unsafe patches...

Some questions:

Am I on the right track, is it not playing my custom plugin because it is considered unsafe?
How can I tell 'an application' or the system that it is safe?
What is the correct way do achieve what I am wanting to do?
Any ideas on why I can't see my patch in the KinemeCore preferences Unsafe Mode list...
Any other ideas, useful information welcome.

I should also say I am mostly a Windows developer so I am new to Quartz technolgy and developing on a Mac.

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Re: Problems playing/using Quartz Movie with custom plugin

KinemeCore doesn't support Unsafe Mode for Official API plugins (as you've discovered); it only supports Unsafe Mode for Unofficial API plugins. We're investigating adding support for Official API plugins.