QC Error Structure Double Value

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Hi everyone,

First post and all, so sorry if this is in the wrong section.

I opened up QC for the first time in a couple of weeks and was greeted by this message...

"QC Error An Exception Was Raised QC Structure Double Value Unrecognised Selector sent to instance ox7fbce190"

Does anyone know anything about this?

If someone can refer me to a fix that would be fantastic.

Many thanks Ed

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Re: QC Error Structure Double Value

Check that all resources sending decimal values and indeed any other connectors aren't sending null NaN or wrong path values.

A screen shot of the Editor stage would be useful, as would a copy of the offending composition for examination, see if the problem is reproducible.

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Re: QC Error Structure Double Value

Thanks for your response

I uninstalled all QC plugins via the manager, and reinstalled them all one at a time to work out if it was a specific one.

So far all good now. Next time the error occurs I'll print screen the Editor.


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Re: QC Error Structure Double Value

Yeah... I think that is an error that happens from a particular outdated plugin, just can't remember which one. Maybe one that requires licensing, or maybe Data Tools(?).

Something very similar can happen when a noodle is connected to a port in the private API, and there is a data type mismatch, when the patch hasn't been coded to handle that particular case.

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Re: QC Error Structure Double Value

How curious. You know I think I have yet to reinstall data tools. I wasn't sure what it did, but think I needed it as part of a tutorial I found online! Perhaps that's the culprit.

In any case thanks your response.

I'm still pretty new to QC so every challenge is a learning experience haha!

Best wishes