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Hello !

There is a 3D table-tennis game, with a hand-crafted physical engine.

There is some settings published and you can choose your view point with keyboard arrows.

You are red player. Zposition is given, Yposition follows the ball constantly, you just have to move on X axe.

thanks for trying !

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Re: Table-Tennis

sorry... it's far better with the zip-file...

There is a custom patch you may install (angleAndDistance).

If you have OSCSkeleton/sendOSC installed and all tryplex tool kit, you can activate Kinect control ! (work in progress)

For now, user interactions are limited to racket X position control. Ball target on the table are random but will be soon controlled by hit-coordinate of the ball on the racket.

I hope you will enjoy !

(needs GLTools, Spooky, angleAndDistance)


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Re: Table-Tennis

nice jef !

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Re: Table-Tennis

thanks Franz ! and how reactive !

does it work properly ?

by the way... cool, your show in Bercy ! regards

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Re: Table-Tennis

Excellent stuff!

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Re: Table-Tennis

thanks !

I will post a better version soon...