Safe Mode

Some QC patches are normally blocked in third-party applications, as they can do "dangerous" things, like capturing images from the built-in video camera, or reading or writing files on disk.

KinemeCore can be used to bypass "safe mode" in third-party applications. KinemeCore's "safe mode" bypass is "dangerous" only in that it unblocks the patches you select when running in the applications you select — so you get fine-grain control over which patches can be used under what circumstances.

After installing KinemeCore, launch Quartz Composer, click on the "K" menu and select Preferences, then configure Unsafe Mode to allow whichever QC Patches you need to use in whichever applications.

We recommend using KinemeCore's "safe mode" bypass to unblock only the patches you need, and only within the applications you need to use those patches in. We recommend against enabling "unsafe" patches in, say, Finder or Safari, since these applications automatically load compositions, which could be used as an attack vector against your workstation.

When programming a QCPatch from scratch, using the Private API or SkankySDK, one can control whether a QCPatch is blocked by safe mode by adding this to the implementation:

+ (BOOL)isSafe
   return YES;

See also this topic for info on using KinemeCore's UnSafe Mode from the command line.