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Re: Supported Versions of Mac OS X

May I ask why Kineme will not be supporting 10.8 with their products?

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Re: Supported Versions of Mac OS X

With 10.7 and 10.8 we've noticed some new QC framework issues that impact the reliability of QC as a whole, so we can't recommend 10.7 or 10.8 for production QC work. Apple doesn't seem to be doing much with QC these days, so we're not expecting these issues to be resolved soon (or ever). Since 10.7 had already been out for a while by the time we reached this conclusion, we decided to draw the line at 10.8.

That said, we recently published a new DataTools release that brings 10.8 compatibility. Aside from an issue with KinemeCore that we're still working on, we're not aware of any unresolved Kineme plugin or app issues on 10.8.