Kineme: Quartz Composer Stuff was a community surrounding the development of
Quartz Composer custom patches, plugins, and other hacks.

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Our current focus

In 2012, we started building a new visual programming environment
that doesn’t rely on Apple's Quartz Composer (which Apple no longer supports).
We’ve created Vuo, and people are using it to create amazing shows and installations.
You can download the free Community Edition.

Unsupported — We cannot guarantee that this software will work properly on Mac OS 10.8 and above.

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QuartzCrystal is an application for rendering Quartz Compositions to QuickTime Movies and Image Sequences.

It supports 3rd Party plugins --- both Official and Unofficial API --- as well as unsafe patches. It also supports up to 64x Spatial Supersampling (Antialiasing) and up to 1024x Temporal Supersampling (Motion Blur) per frame, as well as recording interactive events for later rendering. Download the trial below, or buy a license now.

Notacon and NAB2009

Smokris and I have just wrapped up some performances and presentations at NC2009 in Cleveland last week, and are now heading out to Las Vegas for NAB2009 -- look for us there, or drop us a line and we can try to meet up with you there :)

[we're currently about 20-30 minutes away from boarding the plane]

Environmental Protection

cwright's picture

Many of the crash logs we're getting (and many of the problems we're hunting down recently) are caused in part because people have duplicate plugins installed, sometimes with different versions. Additionally, a bunch of console logs indicate plugins placed in the wrong folders (some official-api ones in Patches, some unofficial-api ones in PlugIns, etc).

How would y'all feel about a tool that scanned the QC environment (like Composition Tool), and tidied up stuff (moved incorrectly placed plugins, removed/disabled duplicates, provided information on what it would change, etc)?

Release: PerformanceInspector, v1.0

Release Type: Production
Version: 1.0
Release Notes

Initial release.

Release: Particle Tools, v0.3

Release Type: Production
Version: 0.3
Release Notes
ParticleTools only works in 32-bit mode.
  • New Colliders:
    • Added "Collider: Kineme3D Object" patch — collides against the surface of a Kineme3D mesh
    • Added "Collider: Quad" patch — collides against a single quad; easier to use than the "Collider: Triangle Structure" patch
  • New Renderers:
    • Added "Render: Structure" patch — outputs a structure suitable for GLTools
    • Added "Render: Kineme3D Objects" patch — renders a Kineme3D Object at every particle
    • Added "Render: Textured" patch — simple renderer which adds support for a single texture
    • Added "Render: VBO" patch — renders points, lines, triangles, or quads
  • New Objects:
    • Added "Object: Boid" patch — implements the Craig W. Reynolds boid algorithm
    • Added "Object: Gravitate" patch — implements particle-to-particle inverse-square gravitation
  • Added "Backface Culling" option for all colliders
  • Some performance optimizations
  • Fixed compatibility with PerformanceInspector
  • Fixed "Motion: Shear" setting when using "Render: Standard"
  • Fixed ports to allow publishing and use with "Input Splitter" and "(De)Multiplexer" as a Virtual Port
  • Fixed crash related to updating Settings panels while the composition is stopped
  • Fixed crash related to removing a live object from the Scene or an Emitter
  • Fixed crash related to removing a live object from an Emitter of Emitters
  • Fixed rendering of collision meshes when using "Render: Standard"
  • Improved force rendering — more forces now honor the Color property
  • Renamed most patches to be more intuitive and to take up less space in the composition editor

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