What do you use QC for?

Thinking about the future of QC, and how to focus our (Kineme's) efforts, we're wondering: What do you use QC for, as of summer 2012?

Select all that apply. Feel free to leave a comment to elaborate.

Making visuals for live music performances
72% (71 votes)
Making art installations
60% (59 votes)
Just playing around / tinkering
51% (50 votes)
Making visuals for live theatrical performances
41% (40 votes)
Making standalone apps
41% (40 votes)
Making museum exhibits
36% (35 votes)
Making prototypes of applications
35% (34 votes)
Making visuals for recorded music
32% (31 votes)
Post-producing video
26% (25 votes)
Teaching introductory programming
24% (24 votes)
Making screen savers
16% (16 votes)
Broadcasting live video
12% (12 votes)
Making art prints
9% (9 votes)
Making music
8% (8 votes)
Making games
7% (7 votes)
Making informational kiosks
7% (7 votes)
Visualizing data (other than business metrics)
6% (6 votes)
Making plugins for video post-production
5% (5 votes)
Making prototypes of graphics shaders/filters
5% (5 votes)
Making plugins for other visualist software
3% (3 votes)
Making dashboards for business metrics
3% (3 votes)
Total voters: 98

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Re: What do you use QC for?

I use it a lot for static images more than motion visuals, so I'd be interested in having better options for exporting them instead of having to rely on the NI patch that comes with the filters. I seem to use it a lot with text as well, so it's a bummer not being able to drag text files in the editor like you do with images etc. Lua support would also be nice, I could go on all day.

I hope we're discussing some new standalone Kineme version of QC here, because I for one am tired of discussing "the future" of QC and eager to move on to a new environment that I know will be better supported. Just clone the damn thing and put it on the app store and make some money. It'd be nice if it was open source and all that but it's pretty obvious that apple will focus more and more on the app store as a source for software. You can put new patches as In-App purchase. Anything as long as we don't have to have this conversation again. Otherwise move to linux or something.

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Re: What do you use QC for?

I was with you right up until you said "move to linux". ;) Linux is fine and all but I work in a OSX environment, which is why I stumbled on Quartz Composer in the first place, so if there ever is a clone made of Quartz Composer due to Apple dropping support or whatever, I would like it to be OSX native. :)

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Re: What do you use QC for?

Ok I wasn't seriously suggesting moving to linux. I suppose it would be fun to open source it just for the freedom of development, but Ideally I would prefer it all to be on the app store. Also as far as I'm concerned Apple has already dropped support, so it's high time someone cloned it.

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Re: What do you use QC for?

There's a Lua plugin here: http://code.google.com/p/qcluaplugin/

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Re: What do you use QC for?

I know, but it hasn't been updated in a while. I would like for it to be properly maintained.

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Re: What do you use QC for?

Would love to see the results of this poll. It would also be interesting to see the unique hit of the kineme forum, might ease the worry of the falling use of QC to hear how many people log on to Kineme each month?

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Re: What do you use QC for?

I think the poll results will only display once the poll is closed.

I was confused about this as well.

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Re: What do you use QC for?

@itsthejayj: I just changed permissions so that everyone can view the results after they've voted.

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Re: What do you use QC for?

I wonder how many users of QC-using applications from iMovie and Photobooth through Pixelmator and on to FX Foundry and Boinx TV have any clue that they are users of this technology, and that they have the opportunity to customize using it?

And shouldn't there be a separate usage category for New Year's Eve countdown clocks?

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Re: What do you use QC for?

And shouldn't there be a separate usage category for New Year's Eve countdown clocks?

/me rolls his eyes.

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Re: What do you use QC for?

Its hard to say what kineme should focus on really. I found QC when I searched for web cam piano. At the same time I found that NUI group had pointed me in the QC direction as well. So for me I guess I was initially looking for natural user interface type of things. It wasn't long after discovering QC that I realized I really liked it and wanted to learn more about. I found Kineme mentioned as a resource in a Apple development document. So for me initially Kineme was about the pursuit of extending my QC knowledge and I was pretty hyped to get access to Kineme's open CV plugin.

I would say Kineme should focus on filling in the gap where developer docs fail. I know the wiki has things in it now but when I first came here the only tutorial I could find was how to install a kineme plugin. The kineme forum how ever helped out a great deal. Comments from people like tb, psonice, gt, c wright, smorkis, offnol, zuga, itsthejayj, vade, franz, cybero, etc.. really helped me out when I started.

As far as the forum goes I would love to see a popular article type module or a most frequently searched topic type of article list. That would help with cross posting and answering really common questions. If vjing is the most popular use for kineme users, maybe some tutorials on how to integrate kineme plugins with current vj apps like vdmx, arkaos, resolume, isadora, cogee, modul8 etc...

The most frequent vj / art installation type of questions I get is "I downloaded modul8, mad mapper and syphon, how do I make these work with my wii mote max patch". The obvious answer to this type of question is to use quartz composer. The answer to how do you use quartz composer can be found on Kineme.

Personally I would love to see more kineme plugin git repo's and using qc with cocoa type of articles.

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Re: What do you use QC for?

i'm using it brain wave interactive art/animation/music/visualization, since Tiger : hacking plugin. now Mac speed is nice but still slow for some visualization. hope Apple will keep continue update QC for New OS. Also Apple open for iOS and Windows and other platform. I made QC page for test few years ago. it is QT movie play page for QC file. http://www.psychiclab.net/IBVA/pppf6ex.html hope like this page works with iOS and other platform.

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Re: What do you use QC for?

I use it for this kind of things: Audiovisual sampler: http://vimeo.com/33870124 Or for example... Remix XIX century paintings for the Thyssen Museum: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wp_x7kEY-hY&feature=player_detailpage#t=70s Connecting Quartz to Ableton via MIDI


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Re: What do you use QC for?

It would be great to see what kineme's developers think as well. Since they have the power to write the code which supplements, complements or surpasses QC. I love quartz composer, been with it since the tiger years, but as one of the polls says, apple hasn't put much effort to move it to the forefront of creative code. In fact, kineme and developers like vade, 1024, GT, cybero, psonice, usefuldesign, dust (and others who escape my mind) are, in my opinion as a QC user, the ones who have kept it alive; with their code and the thousands of discussions of this great site. Yes kineme people (Smokris, cwright, jstrecker et al) you should think of QC as your baby too, and it is up to you to make it grow into the maturity it deserves! :-)