Why don't your friends use Quartz Composer?

This question's about people you know. See also the accompanying poll, What's your biggest problem with Quartz Composer?.

(You may choose more than one response, or write in a response if a problem isn't mentioned.)

Compositions run only on Mac OS X
54% (27 votes)
They don't know what it's capable of
54% (27 votes)
Apple's QC documentation is inadequate
38% (19 votes)
QC's editor works only on Mac OS X
34% (17 votes)
QC doesn't have a reputation for serious work
28% (14 votes)
It's too hard to express themselves using QC
28% (14 votes)
Apple hasn't focused on developing QC for several years
28% (14 votes)
QC's audio support is too limited
20% (10 votes)
QC doesn't support modern graphics (e.g., geometry shaders, shadows)
20% (10 votes)
Apple has made QC too difficult to find and install
20% (10 votes)
QC's editor is too hard to use
18% (9 votes)
QC is too slow
14% (7 votes)
QC is unreliable
12% (6 votes)
There aren't enough patches for QC
8% (4 votes)
QC doesn't integrate well with other apps (e.g., Keynote, AE)
8% (4 votes)
QC lacks dynamic scenegraphs and other 3D game essentials
8% (4 votes)
It's too hard to create plugins for QC
4% (2 votes)
Total voters: 50