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Release: CompositionTool, v20080815

Release Type: Beta
Version: 20080815
Release Notes

Second beta of CompositionTool. Added Patch size, to see which patches are contributing to the overall size of the composition. Also reworked the UI a bit, to make it somewhat prettier.

Patch Size includes subpatches, so macros will report their size, plus the size of subpatches. Sorry if this is confusing -- working on a way to clear this up.

And it's still not sortable by columns. sorry twice.

[Edit: Xcode was misconfigured, and produced an intel-only app for the 20080815 release -- 20080817 is a real universal binary, but is otherwise identical]

CompositionTool-20080817.zip36.57 KB

Installation Instructions

Double-click the .zip file to uncompress the application. Place the application in your /Applications/ folder. Double-click the application.