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Release: GL Tools, v20071103

Release Type: Beta
Version: 20071103
Release Notes

Full port of the GLTools suite. Not compatible with Tiger.

This might also add the PolygonMode patch (Not sure if that worked its way into the Tiger release or not) — this allows you to force subpatches into point/wireframe mode (most of the time).

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forget something ?

Hello, Don't know why, but my QC 3.0 is unable to load GL tools patch beta... And the Texture beta. I try to put the plug-in in the Librairy/Graphics/Quartz Composer Plug-Ins.....tested a graphic folder in the system and in the user folder...don't load. i'am on leopard but french langage...is it an issue ?

Best regards


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forget something ?

Sorry, here is my config : G5 Bipro 2GHZ (not a macpro) /Nvidia 6800 ultra/Decklink pro


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/Library/Graphics/Quartz Composer Patches/

They're in the wrong directory, put them in /Library/Graphics/Quartz Composer Patches/ and try again.

The Plug-Ins directory is plugins using a different API.

[P.S. please let us know if this fixes the problem, and if the patches work for you :) ]

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Yes !

It works.Thanks! From the testing i did : -Little bug with the polygon mode : works well with objects inside but objects outside the patch are rendered with texture and a wireframe...When i delete the Polygon mode patch wireframe is persistant on rendered patches. I have to quitQC to force rendering to become normal.

-Strange thing on textures patches : seems when you drag one of the texture patch in the editor, it's like the texture re-render...Dragging another patch doesn't matter.

Hope it help .


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Another QCLeopard Bug

The GL stuff was due to a misuse of contexts. I think I've got it fixed, I'll release another beta shortly. Can you provide an example composition where the output is incorrect?

The moved texture patch re-render thing is actually a QC bug. It incorrectly notifies ports that their values changed when the patch is moved around (including the texture rendering patch).

Here's a simple demonstration: Javascript patch to a billboard's enable input.

for the JS patch, use this code:

function (__number outputNumber) main (__number inputNumber[2])
   if(Object.x == undefined) { //initialize only once
      Object.x = new Array(2); //create array variable 
      Object.x[0] = 0; 
      Object.x[1] = 0; 
   var result = new Object();
   Object.x[0] ^= 1; // toggle the value
   result.outputNumber = Object.x[0];
   return result;

This will cause the js patch to toggle its output each time it is executed (which should be when the inputs change). dragging it around causes the output billboard to blink on and off too though :)

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Very interesting !

Charmed by your demo with the javascript patch ;) I was unable to reproduce the first bug (polygon persistent mode when the patch is off ) it's a good thing ? But a new strange bug come when i try to reproduce it. The Polygon Mode patches was not working (with a sphere inside) To make it work (just after a QC laughing), i have to drop an another kineme patch in the composition (GL line for exemple). After, all was OK.


1_Not_OK_Output.png120.79 KB
2_OK_Output.png196.67 KB

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new beta

Ok, I've hopefully fixed the bug with the 20071106 beta. Could you give it a try and see if it still misbehaves?

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Wireframe without GL tools :)

You have resolved the last bug. But if i delete the GL polymode Patch arggg !! wireframe everywhere in the comp :)

Best regards


Wireframe without polymode.png
Wireframe without polymode.png167.94 KB

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I've not been able to reproduce this one. Can you please provide step-by-step instructions to get this to happen? Are there any messages in the console (Console.app) ?

Not to sound like Pierre or anything, but this doesn't seem possible :P (your demo was rendering faces and wires ...)

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It's the GLQUAD who sucks !

1/put a sphere in the Polygonmode patch 2/delete the polygonmode patch 3/Drop a GL quad in the editor 4/delete the GL quad 5/Drop a sphere or a sprite! bingo :)


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smokris and I have both tested this procedure (I'm on an Intel MB, smokris is on an Intel 15" inch MBP). Neither of us could get this to exhibit the screenshot behaviour.

What kind of machine are you on? Have any other beta tested been able to reproduce this? (be sure to use the 20071106 beta)

code-wise, GLQuad doesn't do anything that GLTriangle, GLLine, and GLPoint don't do regarding contexts, so it shouldn't be isolated to GLQuad.

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PowerPC G5 Bipro2X2GHZ/Nvidia 6800 ultra/Leopard/QC 3.0 (63)

Show the screen shot ....the GL tools that i have downloaded in the 20071106beta link have a strange date..

I have downloaded it twice to be sure there is no mistake...


Screenshot.PNG15.29 KB

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looks right

that's the same one we're using (the date is wrong, but the file size is the same). Maybe it's a ppc issue? Need to test on another powerpc mac...

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possible duplication?

I may have finally duplicated this bug, in a completely different way... using the 20071110 beta, as well as my current build.

It looks like using Quad or Triangle modify some GL settings and then don't restore them, causing some weird effects like those pictured.

Looking into fixing this...

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but aren't you using Javascript too much ...... ? :) (saw your post on QCdev...)

edited: btw, QC leo is FULL of bugs (as is IB 3.0). Right now, i have an Audio Input that is sucking 80% of my CPU... (will i have to wait 10.6 to get that bug corrected ?)

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"When you have a hammer..."

(not sure if there's a comparable phrase en Français, but we have a saying "When you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail".) I'm guilty as charged :)

My first instinct is to look at stuff through programmer eyes, and the JS patch is just about the only option for that, so I overuse it. It's kinda weird though: I Hate JS. Seriously. But if it solves the problem, I don't mind as much.

IB 3.0 is conceptually So Cool .... too bad it's buggy (not that IB 2.0 was better off, I hated that program as much as I hate JS :)

You can wait till 10.6, or you can wait till we write our own audio-in patch :P j/k I've seen a few weird cpu-sucking bugs in QCLeo too, not sure what triggers them. Would be fun to figure it out though.

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A set of patches for drawing GL primitives and modifying the GL environment.

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