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Release: MIDI Tools, v20080205

Release Type: Beta
Version: 20080205
Release Notes

Updated: Fixed the Output CC/Note bugs. Sorry about that. This MIDI Tools beta adds CC tracking to the Note Follower (which is now just called MIDI Follower).

Some code cleanup was performed as well, but there's still a lot of cleanup to do :/

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problem with MIDIOutputNote

"Looks like KinemeMIDIOutputNote isn't implementing readProc like it should... " and a warning window appears.... when you drop the node within the patcher view.

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ditto for CC

KinemeMidiOutputCC does this too.. interesting.. Thanks for catching this, looking into it.

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Fixed it (commented out an override by accident when cleaning up some of the stale functions in those two patches.) Sorry everyone (all 3 downloads ;)

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Working on Leopard

Hello. Thank you for this plug-in. I am using it in Leopard 10.5.1 with Quartz Composer V3.0(64). I am sending the midi data to an Inter Application Communication virtual midi port created with OSX's Audio MIDI Setup. I have not noticed any bugs yet.

Right now I am using the plug-in in a patch that converts OSC signals to midi, which then get sent to Ableton Live LE. It is working fine, except that I do not know how to control the duration of the notes. Right now I am simply piping the OSC "Received Signal" output to the "Gate" input of the Global MIDI Note patch. I understand how I could control the duration of the output if I were exclusively sending one note to the patch, but I do not know how I can make a range of notes each individually last .2 seconds for example. I might have to send an OSC NOTE OFF signal along with the NOTE ON. Any thoughts?

Here's a video I posted on Youtube of the setup I created:

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cool video

I like that video :) interesting application of QC+Abelton :)

For handling multiple note durations, you'll need some kind of structure to store the live notes and their noteoff times. A structure would help with this, though I have no ideas about implementation (I've not thought about it much at all). Javascript could also store data in an array, and output noteoff's when each note's time is up.

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won't load in Leopard 10.5.2

No plug-ins show up. I'm using Leopard 10.5.2. I'd be interested in looking at the code since i have been starting to work with XCODE, Obj-C and QC.

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wrong path

Without knowing anything more, I'm pretty sure that you're putting it in the wrong directory. Try Quartz Composer Patches instead of Quartz Composer Plug-Ins.

Read more here: http://kineme.net/HowToInstallCustomQuartzComposerPatches

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127 or 128 ?

It seems the output structures of "Global Input All MIDI CCs" and "Global Input All MIDI Notes" contain values for 127 controllers and 127 notes, respectively. (I saved the structure to a file and looked inside using Property List Editor.) I may remember wrong but -- doesn't the MIDI standard define 128 controllers and 128 notes?

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Both MIDI controller numbers and note numbers are 0 - 127, giving 128 of each.

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Re: 0-127

anybody know why some programs like lets say osculator take midi cc in the 0 to 1 range where as i thought midi cc was always a 0-127 integer ?

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Re: 0-127

I guess that's the value range that OSCulator scales any data to, but it can be frustrating. Trying to get the right Note or CC within a 0 to 1 range leads to some fairly ugly decimal values.

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Re: 0-127

Personally I like normalizing midi to [0,1]. I have a qc patch for my go-to controller (uc-33) normalized like this. To me it makes sense in the digi world, whereas 0-127 is not nearly as versatile outside of midi music.

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You're both Right, and Kineme MIDI Tools is Wrong.

Yes, there are 128 MIDI CCs and 128 MIDI Notes in the spec (*). Conventions differ as to whether these are called "0 through 127" vs. "1 through 128".

However, "Kineme Global Input All MIDI CCs" and "Kineme Global Input All MIDI Notes" both have an off-by-one error causing the last (128th) CC/note to be discarded.

(I noticed this bug a couple of weeks ago when preparing for the electro-music 2008 gig. I'll try to fix and release a new beta soon.)

(*) Well, technically, the spec says that the last eight CCs are reserved for channel mode settings and cannot be used for general data.

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first. time. ever.

Wow (after looking at the commits to fix it) -- I think that's the first time I've ever seen "off-by-one" err on the side of too small. usually it goes 1 too big, causing really bizarre behaviour. lucky us :)

sorry for the goof up, release is in the works and should be out shortly :)

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no output


Can´t seem to get this working under 10.5.5. Midipipe detects no output from Global Output MIDI Note.

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just the one?

is it just Global Output MIDI Note, or all of the patches? There's a broken patch or two in there (can't recall which ones), which might be what you're experiencing....

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...my fault

I did not realize I had to trigger the gate before getting an output.

But neither Live nor Garageband detects an output. Need to rewire it through Midipipe, by the virtual input.

Everything else has been stable for 2-3 hours. Thanks. B

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please fix the midi out note and cc

hi kineme people (c and everyone else) a simple request. can you please fix the Kineme Global Output MIDI CC and Kineme Global Output MIDI Note because i cnt seem to get them working

please help out

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(at least) One of those should work -- not sure which one off the top of my head. Are you sure you're toggling the trigger input?

Can you supply a sample composition that demonstrates their not-workingfullness?

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The Global Output MIDI Note

The Global Output MIDI Note one might not be working; but historically, I am doing something dumb to cause my problems.

If I have an Input MIDI Note sitting in the composition; then it picks up the output note just peachy. However, over in Ableton Live; nothing seems to be showing up (even when I look up-and-down by one, in case there's an off-by-one thing somewhere.)

The Input MIDI Note is also quite happy to accept notes from Ableton Live; so QC and Live are talking at least a little.

I have, for the purposes of science, attached a minimal thing; but I'm not sure how useful it will actually be d:

MidiInputOutput.qtz3.26 KB

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hey Christine, thanks for the sample (and long time, no see :). Wrapping some projects up, and I'll then try to take a look at this -- thanks for noting which one is misbehaving. Saves some exploring on our end :)

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Super Duper

Like I say, I may be doing something dumb (;

(What happens is, I get a crazy idea about something I want to make. The idea in my head is sound and wonderful; the idea extraction process doesn't seem to work as well as it could; then I get frustrated and do something else. Rinse, repeat, &c.]

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hi here is the comp

hi mr c thanks for the attention b it is supposed to do what i named it for convert a video pixel color to dmx via midi notes thanks for the attention and if you have any comments on the one please feel free to make them thank you ver y much


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Re: just the one?

this is great, i don't mind if its buggy. i have been using vvmidi2osc and osculator since snow leopard came out, where i would rather keep everything in qc... :)

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Program Change?

Are there any way to send a program change midi message?

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No Program Change

As far as I know there's currently no way to send Program Change messages. We could add this to a future MIDI Tools release.

faxvaag's picture

It's a nice feature to add I guess. Could go through a midi translator though. 8)

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Kineme Global Output Midi CC is not working for me but

Kineme Global Output Midi CC is not working for me but Kineme Global Output MIDI Note works. Midi CC does not send any data. Anyone else with this problem? Using Leopard 10.5.2

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known bug

This is a known bug in MIDI tools -- we haven't released a fix yet :/

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Re: Help to get midi note out


Can somebody tell me how to get output midi note from QC?

Global midi output note crash when I press a note in my keyboard and Reaktor don't receive note from IAC driver.....there is an alternative way??

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Re: Help to get midi note out

There are several alternatives to "get output midi note fromQC".

Kineme MIDI Tools fsk MIDI Dustin O'Conner's MIDI project

All of these are posted on this site. All work fine with QC 4.0, OSX 6.8. Your best bet with newer stuff is to ping fsk about releasing the source for those plugins and/or donating to get him to upgrade to OSX 8.x.


Installation Instructions

Place the plugin file in
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(Create the folder if it doesn't already exist.)