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Release: QuartzCrystal, v2.0

Release Type: Production
Version: 2.0
Release Notes

Upgrading from QuartzCrystal 1.x to QuartzCrystal 2.0 is only $5! Add QuartzCrystal 2.0 to your shopping cart, and enter your QuartzCrystal 1.x license key as a coupon code during checkout.

Changes since QuartzCrystal 1.4

  • Added ability to record mouse, keyboard, and scroll events and play them back while rendering a composition.
  • Now supports rendering images up to 4096x4096 via the GUI (without antialiasing).
  • Now allows motion blur amounts between 1 and 16 via the GUI.
  • Improved support for color profiles on ATI X1600.
  • Fixed rendered-image-too-dark issue when rendering with motion blur.
  • Fixed crash when canceling in-progress renders on Snow Leopard.
  • Simplified idle composition.
  • Reduced severity of defaced images when QuartzCrystal is unregistered.
  • Added translation en español.

How to Record Input to a Composition

  1. Drag a composition into the QuartzCrystal window.
  2. Click the Record Input button.
  3. Click the Record button and interact with the composition. QuartzCrystal will record mouse, keyboard, and scroll events.
  4. Click the Pause button.
  5. Click the Go To Beginning button followed by the Play button to review your interactions.
  6. If you want to record over (overwrite) any section of the recording, click Play and then Pause when you reach the beginning of that section. Make sure the record mode is set to Replace Events. Click Record and record new events.
  7. If you want to add events to (overdub) any section of the recording without overwriting the existing events, do the same as above but make sure the record mode is set to Add Events.
  8. If you want to delete all events recorded so far, click Clear.
  9. When you're finished recording, click Done. The recording is automatically saved to a .QCRecording file in the same folder as the composition. If you later re-open the composition in QuartzCrystal, the saved recording is automatically loaded into QuartzCrystal. If you don't want QuartzCrystal to load the saved recording, rename or delete the .QCRecording file.
  10. Click Render.

Known Issues

  • Mouse-dragged events performed on a Trackball patch render weirdly when playing back in the Record Input window, but don't affect the rendered movie.
  • Record Input uses a single-stream event model -- it assumes that a mouse-up (or key-up) event is paired with the most recent mouse-down (or key-down) event, and not an earlier mouse-down (or key-down) event. As a result, mouse-up/mouse-down and key-up/key-down events can get mismatched when recording in Add Events mode.
  • For mouse-up, mouse-down, key-up, and key-down events, at most one event can be rendered per frame. If multiple events occur per frame, then the events carry over into subsequent frames. As a workaround, you can render with motion blur, or render at a higher framerate.
QuartzCrystal-2.0.zip1.25 MB

Installation Instructions

Double-click the .zip file to uncompress the application. Place the application in your /Applications/ folder. Double-click the application.

QuartzCrystal is an application for rendering Quartz Compositions to QuickTime Movies and Image Sequences.

It supports 3rd Party plugins --- both Official and Unofficial API --- as well as unsafe patches. It also supports up to 64x Spatial Supersampling (Antialiasing) and up to 1024x Temporal Supersampling (Motion Blur) per frame, as well as recording interactive events for later rendering. Download the trial below, or buy a license now.

Quartz ComposerQuickTime ProQuartzCrystal
Renders All Built-in QC Patches
Renders All QC Plugins
Spatial Supersampling[1] (Antialiasing)
Temporal Supersampling[2] (Motion Blur) NEW
Portable Movies
Command Line Scriptable NEW
Renders Mouse/Keyboard/Scroll Events NEW




See below to download the free trial version of QuartzCrystal, which is full-featured, but draws a black checkerboard on top of the rendered output movies. Purchasing a license removes this limitation.

Footnote [1]: QuartzCrystal performs Spatial Supersampling. This is not the same thing as OpenGL's "Full-Scene Anti-Aliasing" (FSAA) --- it's better. When you enable Spatial Supersampling, QuartzCrystal renders your composition at the specified multiple of your target size, and then applies a high-quality scaling filter to reduce the rendered image to the intended size. All parts of your composition get the same supersampling treatment --- not just lines and poly edges (or whatever your video card supports) as is the case with OpenGL FSAA.

Footnote [2]: QuartzCrystal performs Temporal Supersampling. When you enable this feature, QuartzCrystal renders your composition at the specified number of time-slices for each frame, and blends these slices together --- resulting in smooth motion.

Unsupported on OS X Mountain Lion (10.8) and above

Please download the trial and make sure it meets your needs before purchasing. Due to bugs in Apple's Quartz Composer framework, we cannot guarantee that Kineme apps will work properly on Mac OS 10.8 and above. Our focus has shifted to developing Vuo.