3: Done

"Full Screen on Start Up" in KinemeCore 0.5.2 is disabled!!!

It's an unpleasant surprise because I got a project next week and I cannot automatically load my compositions in full screen mode. Could you tell me why it's disabled?

K3d object mirror

An object transformer that mirrors 3d objects in a configureable way would be cool. In fact any more k3d object modifiers would be awesome.

forum: can't edit posts and/or attachments/licensing

The forum doesn't let you edit the last post one submitted anymore.

Also, we can't edit attachments on past posts.

I can understand why text might be decided to be locked, but attachments should be able to be edited. The reason I say that, is because, for some reason licensing stuff was made mandatory with the composition repository, so this should somehow be able to be addressed with attached compositions as well. We can't add the same kind of license info to attachments.

I'd also like to re-request that we're able to use whatever licensing we choose, instead of the forced drop down. In addition, the addition of the drop down/licensing, and lack of licensing for older stuff, implies that there isn't any kind of licensing, when it may be written in the composition, an additional txt file., or body of the post, etc.

Quartz Crystal

so im playing around with the new crystal today and came up with some interesting ideas. i would like to be able to have some external control of crystal.

lets say i have a directory scanner on my server watching an uploads folder. when a new video is uploaded it would be great if there was someway to tell crystal from qc to start rendering "this" composition meaning the open comp with directory scanner.

i'm not sure if some apple script dictionary or network type of tools could be made for crystal but i think it would be a cool feature to have. maybe a crystal plugin that saves the open comp to another name then offline renders the saved comp from the open comp ?

not sure if i explained my self right or not. just think vimeo..... your video is waiting to be processed. that way you could apply effectsor embed water marks to uploaded content etc.. stuff like that. ;)

Support Garbage Collection

Hi Kineme Team,

Please see forum entry: http://kineme.net/forum/DevelopingCompositions/CVToolspluginwontloadinsc...

It would be great if you could compile the CVTools and other QC plugins with support for garbage collection.

This will enable the use in 64bit Mac environments, which require GC (example screen savers).

Thank you. -Peter