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Quartz Crystal / Render Statistics

Hi, i a future version, would it be possible to add some render stats (realtime display during render)

Such as: - elapsed time - time remaining (estimated) - last frame render time - average frame render time

It would nicely mimic professional renderers (like AFX or Combustion) and provide useful info (esp. time remaining)

Thanks a lot

Thread for QuickLook


i noticed the QuickLook plugin freeze the compositions until the generating in progress. Is that possible to add the generating to a background thread - or had any success about this?



insta-crash when forces/particles removed with collision

I am using Particle Tools v0.2 on Mac OS 10.5.5, QC v.3.0.

I have a little system where an emitter is emitting more emitters which emit particles. I checked the particle count and that's not what's causing the crash, btw. There are a few forces, a couple of winds, or a wind and a vortex.

I also have a collider with a face structure that I ganked wholesale from smokris' "hose" composition.

Then, if I remove a force and/or the particle while the viewer is running, it crashes. Usually if I delete the patch outright it crashes right away, whereas if I disconnect it, it crashes the next time I hit stop on the viewer.

So, summary. Three observed conditions:

  1. # of objects in scene ≥4
  2. ≥2 forces
  3. Collider with smokris' faces structure

Several possible actions:

  1. Delete particle while viewer is running
  2. Remove ≥1 object (sometimes it survives one but crashes on the second time) while viewer is running, then stop viewer.

ALL of the conditions + EITHER of the actions = INSTANT crash.

The End.

<QCImage> Broadcaster

I have heard that vade is doing something like an ichat plugin...

ARTNET patch

Hi , i would definetly state that QC lacks output to physical devices, such as lighting fixtures (or explosives...). DMX protocol is the mostly used in "pro" environments, nightclubs or festivals, theaters... However, most DMX usb cards that you can plug to your mac use a FTDI chip, which is crappy, and which is apparently from a company you had problems with... This has led the development of a potential " DMX usb" patch (for the enttec one that smokris owns) to nowhere... since it uses the serial port for communications.

After some chat with one of vvvv's DMX supergod (aka kalle), it just seems that the handier and easier protocol to deal with DMX is now Artnet, which uses UDP packets to transmit DMX information.

Have a look at this (quite cheap) card from Enttec, that takes UDP packets as an input and outputs DMX... http://www.enttec.com/index.php?main_menu=Products&prod=70305&show=descr... note that there are plenty other cards (from 100$ to 2000$) from other manufacturers.

So I'm thinking: if some really need DMX output from QC, how about considering an Artnet patch - that is virtually compatible with ANY artnet hardware ... ?

here's the ArtNet spec.: http://www.artisticlicence.com/WebSiteMaster/User%20Guides/art-net.pdf