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audio tools snow leopard

is it just me or do the audio tools patches not show up in the library in QC4? the examples work just fine and you can use the patches but the library doesnt list them.

QuartzBuilder Hide mouse in fullscreen option

QuartzBuilder should have an advanced option to hide the mouse cursor when in fullscreen mode much in the same way that the QC Editor does. This way we could draw our own cursors or create apps where a mouse cursor doesn't make sense. Thanks!!

Audio tools for Snow leopard

Hello Kineme!

I've been using your fabulous stuff for a while now. I've recently upgraded to Snow Leopard only to find that audio tools are not compatible. I keep getting big crashes when using the audio input patch. I'm building a big audio reactive piece that will end up as an animated sequence in a film.

Do you have an idea of when you are going to be updating the Audio tools? Wondering if I should jump into an animation package (which would be much less fun than doing it in QC I must say!) or if I should hold out for an update.

Please let me know.



COGE bug :(

hi from spain!! i love this program is cool and free,was working fine for me until for one week..i try to open it after install GL tools for quartz and the app doesnt run..when will start appear the logotipe( coge camera) and a grey preview..and after nothing happens :( ,i try to reinstall it but without luck..i hope that somebody can help me .thanks!!!

Kineme Core 0.5.1 not recognized - iMac i7 - OS10.6.2


Just got a new i7 and I was dying to try out all the QC4 stuff Ive been missing out on.

The installer put the kineme core plugin in the correct location with admin priv: /library/Graphics/Quartz Composer Plug-Ins

Tried rebooting, reinstalling, but still no K menu.

I also tried manually moving the plugin to my library folder, but no love there either.

Not sure if it helps, but I was able to install KinemeGL Tools with no problem at all.

Any Clues?

thanks Matthew