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Certain nested transformations cause a crash.


Seems that when you nest an object inside an iterator inside a 3D transformation patch there are specific transform settings that cause a crash when you run the created application. In particular rotation it seems. The crash happens both with a single rotated sprite in the iterator and also with a rotated 3D Transformation patch with a non transformed sprite inside nested within the iterator.

Of the attached files QBTest crashes once built into an app and QBTest2 does not on my system. Both work perfectly in QC.

The only difference is the sprite in QBTest2 is not transformed and in QBTest the sprite is rotated slightly.

This is the result of slowly stripping back a complex .qtz I'm building to display visuals until I found the cause of the crashes. I've included the crash report which has my system details.

The built apps can't be attached here but I've uploaded them here https://copy.com/zjG7tjt7eR43qYr4 if you want to try them out.

Hoping this is something that can be resolved!

Regards, Stefan

Qtz Crashes

Please i need you...

QTZ crashed again,in past i was created another user and raans QTZ perfectly from this users, but now the error appens in two users.

Its possible to re_install or something like that, for recover QTZ.

I Added the report error...

I hope you can help me, i get lost.


Obsolete Plugin Cleanup

It would be excellent if there was a little utility app, independent of kinemecore probably (but this wouldn't be bad with kinemecore too), that would go and "cleanup" old plugins like structure tools, directory scanner blocking, spooky, gl tools during the alpha port function era, etc., that have been made obsolete by new plugins/have been lumped in with new plugins. Like, how Kinemecore checks for duplicate versions/older versions of a given plugin, or locations being in the wrong place.

I realize that something like that would have to have a static list of some outdated plugins inside the app and patches that replace them, that would be maintained, and that this could get into a pain. Maybe this would be best as an opensource thing where people could update that list themselves.

The purpose of it's being it's own utility app, script, or whatever, is so that someone wouldn't have to start up QC to do a "plugin management".

The "problem" scenario, is that, if you're loading an app that uses patches like Structure Maker or Directory Scanner Blocking that have been gobbled up by other patches over the years (DataTools, FileTools), and the user has them double installed - like, they have Structure Maker AND DataTools installed, not only does QC have problems on start, but it's pretty darn hard to figure out a way to keep your own app from crashing on start, or not initializing, because of the duplicates.

Maybe there's some eloquent way to handle this in the internals of an app, but I sure haven't found it - and I doubt there is in the case of duplicate plugins, when loading them from user, library, or system locations. I don't necessarily want to stop external loading of QCPatches altogether, but I guess that would be the alternative, to making it so the user doesn't have to jump through as many hoops. It just keeps them from using QCPatches installed on their system though (like QB does currently), which is sometimes not an advantage.

Quicktime Video Output Patch

Basically I'm thinking about a patch that has one "Image" input and sends the incoming image data to a video output device, using the Quicktime video output component. I use a Blackmagic Design Intensity Pro video card, but it should work with every DV device as well.

The main appeal of this patch would be to use a dedicated video interface for presentations that is not part of the extended desktop, thus avoiding embarrassing situations like an application opening a window on the projector. Another idea would be to use some cheap DV cameras as output devices for separate animations and connect them to a pile of TVs on stage, for visual effect. There are probably tons of possibilities to use this.

libpd built into a QC Plugin

Is it possible to build LIBPD into a quartz composition? LibPD is built for simple integration into existing systems and has already been built into iOS etc...

Cheers, Alex