Kineme3D is a plugin that enables basic use of 3D models in Quartz Composer.

Basic information can be found on the Kineme3D product page.



Kineme3D supports Quake2 Models (MD2), FBX, DXF, DAE, OBJ, and 3DS files. Currently, there are some performance problems when loading large OBJ files. Some DAE and 3DS files don't load -- fixes are scheduled for Spring 2009.

Models include Vertex data, Normal data, and texture coordinates.

Mesh Creation

Kineme3D supports creating meshes without reliance upon model import, with the 3D Plane Generator, 3D Parametric Surface, and 3D Height Field patches.


Not only can you render your models, you can also deform them in various ways. Twisting, Gravity, scaling, Bend Boxes, and Quantization are a few ways these can take place. You can also blend between two models with the same number of vertices, creating smooth motion for keyframed animation.


Kineme3D uses standard OpenGL VBO-assisted rendering. Inside QC, Kineme3D objects will obey Fog, Lighting, 3D Transformations, Trackballs, and even GLSL shaders.

Known Problems

Blending meshes (even with the same number of vertices) doesn't always work or provide correct results. This is due to a number of factors, and probably isn't realistically solvable. Use blending at your own risk.


Autodesk requires us to say this:

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