Troubleshooting Unofficial API Patches

If patch is not showing up correctly in QC, check...

If patch is not showing up at all...

Patch has been registered in PluginPrincipal.m.

Patch.xml has entries for name, category, categories, inputAttributes, outputAttributes.

Patch.xml syntax is correct (i.e., can open it successfully in Property List Editor).

No errors appear in Console upon starting QC.

Plugin.plugin has been copied to ~/Library/Graphics/Quartz Composer Patches/.

Patch.xml file name matches Patch class name (e.g., Patch1.xml and Patch1 class).

If title, inputs, or outputs are wrong...

Patch initWithIdentifier assigns correct name.

Input/output ports have been added to Patch.h.

Try deleting Plugin.plugin, cleaning, and building.

If a QCIndexPort input has a menu, its maxIndexValue is set in Patch initWithIdentifier.