Sky Chase (Composition by zanroversi)

Author: zanroversi
License: Public Domain
Date: 2011.04.29
Compatibility: 10.6
Required plugins:
GLTools, SpookyPatch, StructureTools


There was a very simple flight simulator on Atari some decades ago called "sky chase" which inspired me to do this QC flight-shoot game.

It has been composed in 10.5 but I fixed it to work on 10.6 (for sure, I would do it differently today...)

I made also a network-able version for one-to-one air battle...hehe!

You have to shoot the red cube and avoid shooting buildings. You can also make a trip in the stars...

Y scroll for speed left clic to fire

You can put anything you want in the 3D transformation and re-use it for other games. But there is something strange in the movement, more like an helicopter than a plane.

all building pictures by Julie Guiches

thanks for trying ! I calm down now...