video with audio and quartz builder

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Hi All,

Is the only way to get a quartz builder app playing a video with audio vades movie player?

I used beta 2 of the movie player patch in a museum installation a while back and have been asked to make some changes. They said it crashes a fair bit so I've tried beta 3 which I've seen crash a few times and the performance of beta 4 is too bad to use it (I get about 15fps instead of 25-30 with beta 2/3).

I know its not meant to work but I've tried going back to the stock movie player patch but get the same problems listed in this post -

I've also just purchased the kineme video tools not realising it doesn't support asynchronous mode - does anyone know of any other options out there?

Cheers James

P.S - I'm running it on 10.7.3 on a 2011 mac mini with a nvidia 320m GPU and using QB 1.4