Video input patch - capture size?

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Hi everybody,

I've been working on some (really basic :) augmented reality stuff for the last few days which I want to be presented in a POS style fashion, e.g. a portrait oriented display with a mounted, external (USB) camera.

For some reason the Quartz Composer "Video Input" patch captures the signal from external USB video class (UVC) cameras in their native video size, for instance 1600x1200 (high-end OSX Logitech something) or 1280x960 (XBox Camera) pixels. Which - as this is obviously an uncompressed YCrCb 4:2:2 video stream - easily saturates the USB bus, which leads to slow frame rates and/or image tearing. As UVC is generally supported in OSX since 10.4.9 there is no prefs app or setting to reduce the capture size. The image of the built-in iSight is captured at 640x480 pixels in QC, even though the iSight has a higher native video size (1280x1024 if I remember correctly).

So, pretty long story, short question.

Is there an alternative video input patch where you can modify the capture/output size?

The QC built-in "Video Input" patch once had such settings but unfortunately this was removed in QC3/OSX 10.5, according to the QC3 release notes.

Thanks in advance. Take care, Oli