Public Eye Soar Projection festival - Call for Entries!

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Hello all Kineme people!

This a call for entries into the 1st ever Public Eye Soar Projection Festival!

We are a small projection festival being held in Panama City, FL USA on September 26/27

We want your submissions! It must be your own work, tho!

They can be: Short fims / Cool animations / Vj mixes / Interactives / Slideshows / Quartz Comps / Suggest something!

Most all info can be found here: and

More specific geekier info:

Quicktime movies will be used in a variety of formats "Big Wall" 3840x720 24 or 29.97 fps PhotoJpeg/Hap codec @ 75% (edge-blended Triple wide) "Other walls" 1920x1080 " " " "Vertical Wall" 1080x1920 " " "

We will convert files if need be.

We also can accept and use: Finished VDMX projects Max/MSP projects Quartz Projects

Contact us at for specs on the various rigs that will be running: We will have several Ni-Mate/Kinect rigs from Delicode on hand, and several macs with VDMX.

Submissions to the festival / entry to the festival is free.

Prizes will be awarded to audience favorites, and our lovely friends at Vidvox are kindly offering a license of VDMX as one of the prizes ( Yay David and Ray!! Thank You!!!!! )

So far, some of the other prize donors include: Ambient Design ( Artrage ) Delicode ( Ni-Mate / Z Vector )

Submission deadline is Sept 15!

thanks! jd

John (JD) Daniel Curator, Public Eye Soar Projection Festival
Sept 26/27 2014
Panama City, FL