Quartz Broken/Not Running

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Hi everybody,

I've recently ran in a big hassle, and i have no idea what's going on. I hope i can explain myself. I was working on a composition and all of a sudden i put a math patch and i connect an other patch to the initial value and it's not working, the initial value stays in 0, but that same patch was already connected to another one and it was working.

I tried creating a new document, for example, i put an audio input, and if i put the mouse on the spectrum there's no information, just the description and the type, but not the 16 members. It's like the program is paused and not running, but in the viewer it is running.

When i opened that composition on an other computer, the same happened and now quartz doesn't run on that computer.

If i open old documents, they do work, but the new patches i add don't, this is all very strange, and i can't find any info anywhere.

I removed all 3rd party pluggins and nothing has changed. I have QC v 4.68 on an mac os 10.8.5

thank you in advance for any help