Retired Quartz Composer Documents

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Although the Mac Developer Library contains some 47 entries for Quartz Composer Sample Code, Reference documents and Technical Q & A's, dating from as early as the 2005-06-01, some older and also more recent than 2005-06-01 documents and Sample Code are stored at another location as they are not considered applicable for current development.

The link for this is to be found upon the main Developer Library page, although it might easily go unnoticed. It is presented on the left hand side of the Developer Library page under the main content menu and reads...

For older documents not applicable for current development, see Retired Mac Developer Library. Documents and sample code of a legacy type for technologies other than Quartz Composer can found therein.

The following Quartz Composer legacy items are to be found in the legacy library.

  1. Quartz Composer Live DV
  2. Quartz Composer WWDC 2005 Composition
  3. Quartz Composer Matrix
  4. Quartz Composer Offline Rendering
  5. Quartz Composer WWDC 2005 TextEdit
  6. Efficiently using Quartz Composer compositions with QuickTime
  7. Quartz Composer QCTV
  8. CarbonQuartzComposer_TV
  9. Quartz Composer WWDC 2007 High Scores
  10. Quartz Composer WWDC 2008 Interaction
  11. Making the most of Cocoa bindings in Quartz Composer
  12. Getting images in and out of Quartz Composer compositions

These entries do come with the following advice

Retired Document
Important: This document is part of the Legacy section of the ADC Developer Library. This information should not be used for new development.
Current information on this Developer Library topic can be found here:
Graphics & Imaging > Quartz

However, they may prove very useful to those seeking to create compositional constructs upon Tiger OS X installations.

Furthermore, not all links from Technical Q & A's are guaranteed to work.