2009 - Forward and Back

Just as 2007 was a fun and exciting year for Kineme.net, 2008 also turned out to be busy and successful as well.

When we brought 2007 to a close, we had around 60 registered users. At the conclusion of 2008, we had about 10 times as many: 660. Stats-wise, we went from 1800 unique visitors per month to about 6700.

Bandwidth-wise, we went from about 500MB/month in January 2008 to about 8.5GB/month in December 2008 (17x as much).

We also started attending conferences (NAB, WWDC, EM2008), with more lined up for 2009. We've released some of our own commercial work, have done a lot of commercial work for others, and continue to developer more free tools and plugins as well.

We got to get our hands on Snow Leopard, and have started working with the future of QC -- It's amazing to see how far Apple has taken it from the days of Tiger, just over a year ago. Some bugs still remain, of course, but it would be dishonest to say that they've been standing still.

Thanks to all our visitors, members, Beta Testers, Alpha testers, and many others who have helped push the limits of QC. Let's look forward to another exciting year :)