Just Add Music osx 10.4 version and Kineme plugin

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A soon to be released application that turns Ableton Live into a fully functional A/V application. Just Add Music makes use of Kineme midi patches to control parameters within Ableton Live.

In essence everything you do with audio within Ableton now has a visual representation.

Just Add Music and Kineme plugin allow live control and playback of 8 channels of video, a/v effects and global parameters. With the added production ability to recordable, edit and control all audio and visual effects within in a timeline in arrangement via Ableton Live.

Due to the limitations of Quartz Composer's own Midi patches in OSX 10.4 this would not be possible without Kineme plug ins. Thanks again lads, any news on doing your magic on the midi clock patch?

Production / arrangement view demo


Liveset demo / session view


many more examples

www.youtube.com/itsthejayj www.youcanbespecialtoo.com

Note from the editors: kineme.net is not involved with the production of Just Add Music — Just Add Music is (was?) developed by one of our users, itsthejayj, and we, the kineme.net team, have no further information on it.

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Is this available?

This is exactly what I want to do with Quartz. Is this software package available yet? If so, where can I find it?

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Ok, I found your website. It's kind of difficult to navigate because half of it is in French, but I get the jist of it.

The Beat Repeat sync is very nice. I'm going to try out the demo and see what I think.

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Re: Just Add Music osx 10.4 version and Kineme plugin

hey how do i get ahold of a beta, demo or a full version??

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Re: Just Add Music osx 10.4 version and Kineme plugin

Hi, is this the same item that is here http://www.loveableton.com/archives/42 ?

By the way , is it like just me or does anyone else notice that you got the years wrong on your post - travelling back in time eh, incorrect system clock?

Oh and yeah when is it up for grabs to download?

Look very interesting.

Will it work with anything other than Ableton Live - what about Garageband?

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Re: Just Add Music osx 10.4 version and Kineme plugin


don't wish to sound like I'm complaining, but I can't find your J.A.M download anywhere, or a site in French (as referred to by another forum member earlier).

I went to http://www.youcanbespecialtoo.com/justaddmusic but found it was a domain for sale. Is that not where JAM is kept?

Can you post us a current link that is actually working, please itsthejayj.

Apologies if the problem is on my network connection or if I've misread owt.

Oh yeah and like is J.A.M Leopard compatible at all or is it only for Tiger users?

Either way, I'd really like to download it and give it a try.

Are you still testing the item out?

Does it work with allowing MIDI control/interaction of media and graphics other than video clips?

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Re: Just Add Music osx 10.4 version and Kineme plugin

Nothing wrong with the postee's system clock at all blubberhouses :-), 'twas xtraman that refreshed this post thread recently.

It really has been around all that time. Hope that clarifies that

I'm not even sure if this item is in fact around any longer.

Clarification Mr VjayJ please if you can on that score.

Is it an item that has been pretty much superceded by now?

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Re: Just Add Music osx 10.4 version and Kineme plugin

Again, blubberhouses, I think much of your confusion is born of the fact that this is a post thread, a forum thread, that you've stumbled upon after it was truly active and probably after any of the links were still active