Numbers - new demoscene production

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I made this with m0d (he did the music and also the recording of the numbers broadcast). It was entered into the sundown demo party demo competition.. the awards are tomorrow so i've no idea how it did :) It was made in roughly 24 hours (including parting + sleeping time).

It's probably worth having a quick read of my description on the page here:

The actual file is here (and be warned: it's embedded in a .mov file, so your browser will try to play it! right click and save as):

Oh, and thanks to Alex for the AO effect stuff you can see on the cubes effect at the end, it came in handy (although the colorspace crap meant that the competition version looked flat shaded.. it's fixed for this one)

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w. o. w.

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That's really nice! I love

That's really nice! I love the analogue-style noise and glitches. Very atmospheric. It's probably user error at my end, but I can only seem to get small sections of the video to play on my MacPro, for some reason. I get the whole soundtrack, and the video works if I scrub through it, but won't play in realtime, for some reason...

Great work though, and even more impressive that you managed to put it together in such a short time!!


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Thanks for the feedback

The quicktime embedded version behaves very strangely, I'll send it to the apple mailing lists, see if they can help. It's probably a bug. It works fine on my mac at home, but not on my work one.. the only difference is that this has a slower cpu, and a slower video card. But it works on my old powerbook, which is much slower. And sometimes it doesn't work on my home mac too. Oddness!

Anyway, vimeo version for where it doesn't run (until I get round to fixing it):

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Incidentally, I love the

Incidentally, I love the string manipulation stuff. I guess that's JavaScript. I have to try that text grid idea you talked about a while back someday. I visualised a cube of numbers, that formed words in 3 dimensions, like a 3D crossword, with diagonals too, maybe...

Another ideas to add to the list.


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You'll be disappointed. I didn't have time for any 'proper' text manipulation, so I faked it. It's just 40 strings, typed in by hand, in a multiplexer, then animated with a timeline to change between the names + between states smoothly ;)

Interesting idea with the letter cube though. You could do something like a rubik's cube too, and rotate the layers to make words on the side.