Point Light Glow Effect

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What is the best way to achieve the faux volumetric point light effect like in the picture attached. It is done using Trapcode Lux for After Effects. I figured there is a way to do for the particle engine, but I want to get that effect for a single point like Kineme GL point. Any pointers please?

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Re: Point Light Glow Effect

A couple of methods spring to mind.

  1. Make a 'blurry' circle' graphic that fades out to transparency, and texture your points/particles with that, and/or

  2. Apply a post-process blur to the output image, and blend it back over the original. This is a basic glow effect. I'd suggest using vade's v002 Blur plugin, as it's likely to be a LOT faster than the stock QC blur patch.

Hope this helps.

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Re: Point Light Glow Effect

I think toneburst is on right track. It's a heavy blur in your image though so except processing slug if using with Render in Image of the Point Structure renderer.

Think it's a case of texture of circle && post-processing (not or). Doubling up points with two textures (and add blending may help).

Set attenuate to true in Kineme GL Point Structure patch to get variable point sizes for depth effect (may not be as pronounced as in your image though).

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Re: Point Light Glow Effect

Thank you for your tips! I will definitely try them out and share the results/ask if i run into problems.