Community Tagging

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I added a Tagging system to the site (provided by the Community Tags Drupal module).

When you're logged in, you'll see a Tag box on every page. You can contribute your own tags to the page, which can help us all to find relevant content more easily.

Community tags are listed the by-line of each page. Clicking on a tag gives a list of all other topics with the same tag.

You can also find tagged pages using the Search box in the left column.

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Tagging for Wiki Topics

Every Wiki topic now shows a list of "Related Topics" at the bottom (when related topics exist, that is).

To use this feature, tag a forum thread (or any other page) with the WikiTopicName.

For example, I tagged this forum thread with "QuartzCrystal", so now it appears at the bottom of the QuartzCrystal Wiki topic.