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I was sort of hoping someone with greater quartz composer qualifications than myself might post this, but it's been a few days and nothing has appeared yet so I'm taking the liberty to post a happy announcement: now has an official Page at Facebook:

I realize that not all of us use Facebook, but many of us do. Regardless, I feel certain that we all would agree that the wonderful folks and delightful resources here at have enriched us all. I would therefore urge any current Facebook users in these forums to take the time to make a quick visit to the official Page at Facebook. Kineme has been truly generous with us, in my honest opinion. What better thing than to make a small public nod over at Facebook to show our appreciation.

Best wishes to all.


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Nice! I also would like to offer google wave account, I got 6 invitations left but They don't send you the confirmation due to a long list of people. Dont' know how long it takes. So contact me. you can find my mail in or also find me in FB kineme's group (Oscar Font).


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Goggle Wave! Great suggestion! I also have some invitations to distribute. You know ... maybe we could assemble a conferencing group with this Google Wave tool and put the thing through it's paces? I really hadn't quite yet found anyone to try it out with. With common Quartz Composer/Kineme interests amongst us, it could perhaps prove useful? I'll join Oscar in offering the invites:

leegrosbauer at

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I can't stand facebook (I deleted my account, which was an incredibly hard task to accomplish!)

But, I fully agree with all you've said about kinime! :)

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I'm afraid I'm with psonice on Facebook. I'm not a big fan, and I'm afraid I won't be signing-up anytime soon.

I'd definitely like to thank the Kineme community, and particularly cwright and smokris, for their tireless work and encouragement. It's very much appreciated by all of us, I'm sure we'd all agree.


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i like the facebook idea. and thanks for it. but i dont really know this google wave thing. good or waste of time?


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I reckon it depends rather upon how it is used. Google are quite given to a high degree of lassitude in their future data marketing favour. You can hardly blame them , it's their bread and butter.

Online storage security, which Google provides, and the need for really good connectivity are the pre-requisites of a viable Google Wave account.

For instance, Anyone in a badly cabled area, or a locally saturated networks say in areas of HMOs - Houses of Multiple Occupancy areas, that have not been scaled up to maybe 15 modems per house number [ a house now with 10 - 15 flats / bedsits] will suffer hugely.

Not all of us can literally stream video. [I can, but that's besides the point in Google Wave terms for someone who cannot]

[The general expectation when many such networks were rolled out was that each house number would have need for only one modem / router. ]

Whatever, these wrinkles will get ironed out as service providers get competing as they are won't to do.

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I find it to be low on bespokability, which I say even though they now list me as Horace Walpole, which I thoroughly expected facebook to have rejected :-). Vimeo and twitter seem automatically suited to media / application ware related distribution / networking.

Having said that I can see its potential in regards of incorporating their applications, which is what an increasing number of businesses and clients want to have on their web sites.

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My sentiments regarding both Facebook and Google Wave is that they are tools to be used when advantageous and to be set aside when not so. Like all tools, they would serve best when used wisely but they could serve poorly when misused or neglected.

I spent two years avoiding Facebook vehemently. At this juncture however, I use it. I now describe it to others as resembling a public passage-way in which we can observe a meandering stream of acquaintances as they flow by. To participate or not in any ensuing dialogue is optional. What would seem to be unique about Facebook however, is that it feels perfectly reasonable to be waving hello to casual and distant acquaintances that one would likely never otherwise contact via other communications methods. That's a rare and valuable thing.

Regarding Google Wave; Offonoll and I just now took it for a preliminary spin over the course of the last hour and we can report that it definitely has some potential for collaboration. Simultaneous contribution and editing of text and commentary works well. Video conferencing is functional and reportedly it will host a conference of six participants, although we were only two. Audio displayed the typical latency issues which are often the norm for Flash Player enabled browser-based AV conferencing.

The consensus of opinion between us was that Google Wave, while potentially useful as an supplement to our Kineme forum interactions, would best be used under circumstances in which reportage regarding any collaborative effort was also posted here in these forums for public consumption.

Anyway, that's my 2 cents worth on the subject matter(s). :-)

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Oh, and to be clear (because in conferencing with Offonoll it became apparent that it wasn't clear):

The Page at Facebook is an official Kineme creation. It's not my page, it's not my creation and I don't officiate on it. I merely took the liberty to post this topic in order to make an announcement about about it in these forums. I did make a request for a Kineme Facebook fan page a while back and I'm flattered that Kineme saw fit to give the matter serious consideration and ultimately to act upon it. My thanks to Kineme in that regard. It's an honor and a true point of pride for me to be able to associate my Facebook presence with that of Kineme. Thanks folks!